Friday, February 14, 2014

friendship, it's hard


I long for the days when friendship was easy.
Seeing your 'best friend' (or friends, if you were lucky) in the school yard every day,
or living with them throughout your college years (until you realised that his lack of personal hygiene or her all-night-long sexual encounters were never ideal for communal living!)
those were the days when friendships were easy.

Abandoned more times than I'd like to share.
Scarred and broken,
a little more weary, a little less trusting.

Yet with so much love and companionship,
to give, to share, to express.
But it's all too hard now;
now that I know the pain of love lost, of friendships sunk.

Now, I build walls and mask myself.
It's easier and safer,
but it's lonelier.

than ever.

*my younger, more trusting and a little too naive self. 'Sarah' by Kiara Cheetham, 2008


  1. Tamika and I had a conversation the other day about friendship. In year one everyone is your friend your heart and arms are open and accepting, the older you get the friendship list get smaller and smaller. Teak made the comment that it is easier to get a partner than a friend... life gets complicated as you age

    1. I can't agree more! When did it all become so complicated? I think I need to mull it all over and find a remedy...

  2. I hear you, it's so hard and so disheartening that it is that way.
    You'd think it would become easier with practice.

    1. You'd think, right? They say practice makes perfect...perhaps I need to try harder?


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