Thursday, July 19, 2012

On My Mind: Losing Confidence

I'm having one of those days where things have not turned out how I'd expected and as a result have left me with that sick/heavy feeling in my gut. I hate this feeling. I want to cry and yell (and probably swear a bit) but I know it's not worth getting so upset over. Although the fault does not fall solely on me, a lot of it does. I should have seen this coming and tried to make things right before now.  I want to go back and change it all...but I can't. It's done. All I can do now is move forward and try to rectify it all. The next few days are going to be taxing. I'm going to need all the confidence I can muster to front up and deal with the consequences. Part of me believes this will make me stronger and more resilient, another part wants it to teach me that I need to be more responsible for my path, yet I can't help feeling that this may just have been the thing that knocks me down for good and I am too burnt out to get back up. I want to succeed yet I believe I am unworthy of it. I want to make it to the end, to see all this hard work though. I can't help feeling, I'm losing faith in myself.


  1. don't lose faith, i'm not sure what's going on but keep your head up. x


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