Thursday, October 10, 2013

like a bear

 I feel like a bear coming out from hibernation.

Slowly. Gently.

Slowly gaining a strength, a hunger.

Gently willing myself to re-emerge, to explore, to connect, again.

My mind and body are foggy and a little tense.

This past winter has taken its toll on me, in all aspects of my life.
I'm taking my time. Building myself up again. Finding my groove and clearing my head.

Spring is the perfect time for a clearing out the crap and giving everything a little scrub - my mind, body and soul are in dire need of a good purge and polish!
Warm sunshine and perfumed breezes make for a rejuvenating remedy to this melancholy.

This little space of mine is going to get its own spring clean too - perhaps a new look, definitely some new content. I'll chat about all this next time, but be prepared for a change.  
I need it. xx


  1. Hope you have fun making the changes!

    1. Thank you Lila - it'll be slow, I'm sure, but a change is in the air! xx

  2. exciting times. I missed you!!

    1. I have missed this space so much, I'm finally feeling ready to be here again. xx

  3. ahh hello pet....missed you x

    1. Hello Al! Oh I have missed you all too! I'm back! xx


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