Monday, February 04, 2013

The Week That Was...3//2//13

1&2. we jumped in the car for a spontaneous country drive, to witness this stunning sunset
3. beautiful bright flowers, from my love
4. sneaky little photobombers - more images to come
5. we finally discovered a pine tree farm, south of Ravensbourne National Park (where we will harvest our first pine tree this Christmas!)
6. Tig, enjoying the ridiculously long grass in our yard
7. this is where we have spent much of our week - on the road. We've woken at the crack of dawn each day, visited Crows Nest, Woodford, Greenmount and Caboolture, and listened sung along to as much Janelle Monae as we could get our hands on! Oh, I love travelling with this girl.  
photograph #1 by Sam 

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  1. so lovely to find you via the link up! tig is a sweetie pie xx

  2. Your cats and puppy dog are so sweet.
    lovely photos of the beautiful sunset.

  3. So lovely & inviting. I could dive into those photos. will be dreaming of road trips to take instead.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. Travelling last week was lovely, I'm glad we're taking it slow this week - plenty of late rises and pottering around the house.

      Sar xx


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