Monday, February 04, 2013


52 portraits//capturing memories and moments//in 2013 
Linking in with Jodi over at Che and Fidel

Sam: she love animals, and insisted Oogi (the Guinea Pig) join in her portrait - i love that smile!
Me: enjoying thick, fresh, green grass between my toes
Tiger: her first day outside after last weeks rain, was spent digging holes with the neighbours dogs...can you spot the mud on her nose?
Appa: she's been very ill this week - battling a nasty cold and upset tummy - so this image wraps up her week perfectly: rest
Quinn: watching the wrens in the bushes outside


How is your 52 series coming along? 
Personally, I'm loving it! I adore 'meeting' new and different bloggers each week through this project and enjoying some beautiful photography.

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  1. I'm loving getting around to so many blogs, too ! Such a fun project to be joining in with. Kellie xx

    1. I love seeing little Olive each week ;)

      Sar xx

  2. Sam and the guinea pig are so sweet.

    1. It was my favourite portrait this week :)

      Sar xx


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