Sunday, February 03, 2013

Paying It Forward - a giveaway, of sorts

So, remember when I said I would quietly accomplish my list of dreams and desires for this year? hasn't lasted long.

I was intending to leave this little project on the shelf, for a month or so perhaps...but hey, what's a girl to do all with this time she's been given? - Create, of course!

I have noticed a new trend on the social networks of late - a pay-it-forward of sorts - You may have seen it also? If not, here's the low down:

2013 Creative Pay-It-Forward: The first five people to comment on this status will receive from me, sometime in the next calendar year, a gift - perhaps a book, a gift card, a candle, music, homemade something- a surprise! There will likely be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me. The catch? Those five people must make the same offer in their FB status. 

I have always enjoyed the notion of the 'pay-it-forward' (most likely spurred on by the watching the movie as a child) and so I am again drawn to the idea of passing on a little joy to, well, you! I want to bless you with a gift - something special, handmade or hand-picked by me, just for you - that will arrive sometime in 2013. But I want to shake it up a bit - I am leaving the number of participants open, for one week.
Whoever comments from today until next Sunday (February 10, 2013) will receive a gift from me.

So here's the low down if you want to be involved:
* Leave a comment below with your email or subscribe to Love love, lady via Google Friend Connect (on the side bar)
* You must continue this P-I-F - post the guidelines on your blog/facebook/twitter/other social media account
* You can choose to pay-it-forward to as many people as you desire - be it 5 people, or like me, as many people that comment below!

I'm really excited to bringing a little happiness to you, when you least expect it - and perhaps share these creations and recipients with you over the coming months!!

Wishing you a swell week,

Sar xx

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