Monday, October 22, 2012

Under the Weather

We're feeling low and lethargic, here on the mountain top - there's coughing, sore throats and upset bellies.
Sam has taken it harder than I; even this mornings quick trip to the grocer for veggies and Butter Menthol's* has drained her energy and sent her back to slumber. I despise seeing her in pain, more so when I feel utterly useless, due to my own aching body, unable to even lift my hands to rub her back.

Although it's bright and warm outside, we've quarantined ourselves to the bedroom for lots of rest, recuperation, and Friends reruns. Soup is on the stove and jugs of ice water and lemon balm tea by the bedside.The windows have been flung open, willing fresh Spring air to clear away our ills.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't slow down with you when you're feeling 'off'. There's still dishes to wash, clothes to hang, floors to sweep...and (my least favourite) uni study to be done.
Maybe I'll leave it for tomorrow...

I hope all is well in your corner of the world,

PS. Over at The Beetle Shack, Em is having ANOTHER of her delightful giveaways! Bless her! 
I think all those goodies would help pep us up! Imagine soaking up sweet sunshine (& some good ol' Vit D!) whilst relaxing in that gorgeous hammock! *sigh*

* I know they're super bad for you, but that warm honey flavour on a scratchy throat brings back memories of curling up on Mama's lap as a child and eating home-made chicken soup. I'm feeling better already.

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