Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spring at Home

foraged flowers // bottle brush, banksia, spiraea, wax flower, showy herb & an about-to-bloom 'pig face' succulent

Well, by now I'm sure we're all aware that Spring is here in the Southern Hemisphere.
Much to my relief, she moved in a little earlier this year, prompting us to thaw out our wintry bodies with extra-long afternoon walks, foraging for blooms and dipping our toes in the cool lake whilst Tiger barks at the water.

Right now I am sitting in the sunshine sipping iced coffee, listening to the tinkling sound of ice against glass and lorikeets playing in the gum trees. Every now and again my phone flashes on as I receive sweet messages and updates from Sam.
She left early this morning with a few muso friends to attend Big Sound; a music industry conference, held annually in Brisbane. A last minute decision, which has taken us both by surprise, yet I'm certain she will enjoy herself immensely! We have spent very little time apart since our wedding just over 18 months ago, and we like it that way, so even a couple of nights apart is daunting. I'm not embarrassed to say that I'm feeling very alone without my right-hand gal.

This afternoon I'll pay a visit to the nursery to pick up a few essentials for our Spring vegie garden.We have plans to begin planting a few peas, beans and tomato seedlings (and perhaps some strawberries too?) in the coming days and get our herb garden thriving again after they were all knocked out by the frost. We've decided to allocate a bare section of our front garden to growing our vegetables this season as we haven't had any luck in our courtyard and as much as I'd like to turn our back yard into a plot, I don't trust Tiger or our neighbours dogs (we share a yard) to not eat anything we plant out there.
For now I'm content with just a handful of plants that I know will thrive and bring us joy to eat.

The sunshine and fresh air has brought with it the overwhelming desire to purge the clutter and clean the grime that has accumulated over the past months from every surface in our home. Slowly, over the coming weeks and months, we'll tick tasks of our mental to-do lists; wash windows, clear cobwebs, scrub sinks and benches, cupboards and doors. We'll leave the windows open to air out each room, burn sage and light beeswax candles.
Most of all I'm looking forward to clearing each room, closet and drawer of unnecessary and unwanted items. The less we have to pack, the better. Yes, pack. Not any time in the immediate future. But more on that next time.

So, what are you loving about Spring? 
The abundance of flowers, the fresh air, sundresses and sandals or homemade picnics?  
or our Northern friends, what are loving about Autumn/Fall?  
Are the leaves turning yet or are you still enjoying the last of a beautiful Summer?

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  1. Love the flowers! Hope the time apart flies by, I know that heart-sick feeling when you're apart it's no fun.


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