Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Those Less Than Desirable Habits

From my current perch, our bed, I can see a quite a few bad less than desirable habits. Some are mine, some are Sams*, & unfortunately a couple are shared.
An empty mug from this mornings coffee sits beside a used make-up wipe from last nights lazy bedtime routine, clothes are strewn on the floor & the bed is littered with remnants of todays journalling/reading/crafting/eating peanut butter & Saladas**.
Not to mention my other terrible habits; letting the dishes pile up on the counter, leaving hair in the shower drain, forgetting to put water in the animals bowls & leaving the bathroom light on. Just to name a few.

After reading an insightful series surrounding the act of practicing simplicity, I have become more aware of elements in my daily life that could use a little, well simplifying.

Instead of leaving my mug on my bedside, I should have returned it to the kitchen to be washed with the dishes this evening, saving me the extra trip. Instead of leaving bits & pieces (ie. make-up wipes, hair pins, pencils, nail clippers, bills) laying around I should really put them back in their place, making my bedside available for books, candles & a selection of hand & body creams. Instead of dropping yesterdays (& the day before & the day before that &...) clothes on the floor, I should have put them in the hamper, ready for our visit to the laundromat***.
I'm sure tomorrow morning I'll regret piling all of todays journalling/reading/crafting/eating on the floor beside the bed, because ya'know, old habits die hard around here.

I guess it's all a work in progress, really. I can't turn my chaotic & - more often than not - untidy life around overnight, yet identifying the need is half the task. Next up - applying it!

Do you have any undesirable habits? (really, I can't be the only one!)
Any tips for simplifying the everyday?

* Don't worry, Sam, I wont divulge your bad habits...not now at least.
** PS. I'm sorry for getting crumbs in the bed... 
*** Just a couple more weeks until our new washer arrives...three to be exact, but who's counting?


  1. I am more than a little OCD about cleanliness and tidiness. My worse habit is my stress, throw in self doubt and you have a neurotic mind. Now if only I could tidy that up!

    1. Oh, if you figure out how to tidy the neurotic mind, can you let me know too! Xx

  2. Oh yes i'm with you. clothes here are often found draped over the backs of chairs rather than being folded and put away.
    it's amazing how your mood can change and relax when the clutter is removed and surfaces remain clear.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one, Zara! ;)
      Less physical clutter can only do good for your mind & body! Xx


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