Monday, July 08, 2013

An Unexpected Hiatus

Life has been quite mundane around these parts. Slow. Simple. Just...normal life.

I wake early, like usual.
I rise quietly & slowly out from under the covers, so as not to wake my love, like usual.
I slide into my $3 mens slippers & tip-toes from our dark bedroom in the brightly lit kitchen, & begin my morning ritual.
I fill the kettle & pop it on whilst I grind coffee beans. I arrange two espresso glasses & two milk jugs on a bamboo tray, pour cows milk into one pourer & almond milk into the other. As the kettle boils, I spoon fresh grounds into the glass vessel & pour the hot water over. As the press is placed on the tray, brewing , I add two slices of bread to the toaster. Four minutes is all it takes to mix together a ripe avocado, the juice of half a lime, a few thinly sliced shallots & a sprinkle of chilli flakes, then the toast is adorned with its simple spread & placed alongside the rest. All, as usual.
I collect the tray & make my way back to bedroom, pulling back the drapes as I climb into bed, like usual.
I pour milk & coffee into the glasses, placing one on my bedside. I then gently coax Sam awake*, often passing the glass beneath her nose, allowing the scent of fresh coffee waft over her & cause her to wake.
I turn on the idiot box (aka the television) & flick to the morning news, like usual.
And then the coffee is served. We talk about the flavour, colour & scent, where the beans came from & who roasted them (can you tell we love it?). We enjoy our coffee, slowly.

This is my morning ritual. I know it well & I like it that way. No matter the day, hectic or lazy, work day or weekend, I find comfort & a sense of calm in the rhythm it creates.
Yet there's been a part of my daily rhythm that I've neglected been missing the past few weeks - this part right here.

I can hardly believe I've been away for so long. I really hadn't intended to.
I think I just needed those few extra moments to just be. To sit & drink my coffee, without photographing it because the light in perfect or because it triggered a long forgotten childhood memory about that time that something happened. Enough time for me to breath. To unwind. To remind myself why this humble space exists. All in all, the distance has made my heart grow fonder.

So, I guess this is my unofficial-official way of saying "Honey, I'm home! I'm sorry I was gone so long, I missed you. Let's grab a couple beers, relax on the couch & chat a while." 



  1. Sometimes you just need to go away, to appreciate what you have left.

  2. Hello! you have such a lovely way with words and I love your description of your morning ritual. Emma x

    1. Thank you, Emma. Lovely to have you!

      Sar xx

  3. hello there!..was wondering where you had gotten to...was thinking maybe sam had whisked you away to some exotic location....or that you were just too frozen to type!...missed you x

    1. Unfortunately no exotic locations, just regular life (& not much cold weather either - such a strange Winter we've had!)
      I missed being here, with you! xx


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