Thursday, June 13, 2013


Just as I thought our days were getting quieter & simpler, things have become...hectic. It's really the only word to describe it.
I'm awake early & in bed late. I'm drinking coffee by the gallon & have worn the same jeans/tee/beanie combo for the past 3 days. I have been away from this space for much longer than I wish & have missed dearly, yet I have not had the words, nor the mental capacity, to express it all. Life just gets hectic at times, hey?
So, this is what's happening currently...
* Although Autumn came late & the leaves took a while to turn & fall, Winter is truly here upon the mountain - frosty, foggy & drizzly days have become the norm, as have woolens & electric blankets.

* Sweater dresses, $3 mens slippers & brightly-coloured rugs...need I say more?

* Like I said earlier, I'm living on coffee at the moment. French press at breakfast, espresso in the evening & my favourite "standard fairtrade organic soy latte with agave to takeaway, please". 
(I also realise there's nothing 'standard' about that order.)

* My favourite part of Monday - making homemade stock. Sunday's roast chicken becomes 3litres of healthy, herb-spiked stock, & the leftovers are added to a multitude of meals - paprika chicken, spicy dumplings, rice paper rolls or a good ol' chicken & chilli toastie.

* My day-off looks like this: in bed, knitting, watching The Block, drinking coffee, chatting about babies/wall colours/travel, all whilst enjoying the heart-warming company of my sweet little family. Bliss.

* Winter evenings, we burn beeswax candles in the kitchen & bedroom, & light jars of tealights in the bathrooms.

* Although chilly, Winter has brought with her some magnificent blue skies & beautiful sunsets. It's at this time of the day that mind is open & clear. I find myself pondering life & dreaming of what the future has in store. It's also at this time of year that I begin thinking of what I want to achieve in the coming months - the solstice is nearing & we're reaching the midpoint. Time for lists, plans & lots of talks.
* We've celebrated both our birthdays in the past week - Sam on the 6th & mine just yesterday. It's a bit wonderful to share & enjoy this time together. Nothing extravagant, just quality time & a couple of special treats. The cake Sam baked for me last night has to be one of the highlights - doughnut-shaped with plenty of nutmeg, cinnamon & vanilla, plus raspberry coulis & the best white choc & raspberry icecream. Yum!  
PS. Happy Birthday, lady! xx

So, how are you?
What's happening with you currently?
Please tell me your life gets a little hectic too...?


  1. Happy birthdays to you pair. I'm a winter baby too.
    Being called in for extra days of work these last couple of weeks has made life a bit more hectic here. though the extra pocket money is very welcome.
    Stay warm. x

    1. Thank you, sweet Zara!
      Oh, I know what you mean about work - as tired & worn out I feel right now, those extra dollars make it a little sweeter...& a little easier. Wishing you a beautiful week with plenty of simple, quiet & rejuvenating moments, lady.

      Sar xx

  2. best birthday wishes lovely ladies!....both my cherubs are june bugs too...we are partying with a Thomas cake and a My little pony cake....ummm am I a bad mummy for wanting your cake instead....oh and I must tell....disaster has struck here....I can no longer drink coffee!!!...I know I still coming to grips....will post it all when I can bring myself to talk about it!
    life will surely never be the same! xx

    1. Thanks, Al! June is a pretty rad month ;)I must admit, the My Little Pony cake would have been my dream as a child!

      I am both worried & intrigued by this coffee disaster - I hope you're okay, lady?! I'll try to limit the coffee images, though I should warn you, there's a coffee dedicated post in the works...
      Thinking of you.

      Sar xx

  3. Happy Birthday to you both. Hectic and not. I have been sick since Sunday, then homeless from Tuesday through to today (well staying at my sister's amazing FOTT house, but homeless in the sense of not home).
    So I missed saying a proper Happy Birthday to you. Hope you had an amazing day.

    1. Thank you, Julie!
      Wishing you a speedy recovery, lady, & a return home soon! (although your sisters home does look terribly welcoming ;) ) Xx

  4. Happy birthday to you both - your picture of you both chilling out with your babies and knitting is so cosy! Our days seem too hectic sometimes too and I am also a devout coffee worshipper. I have just bought the cutest little Turkish coffee pot and am loving little cups of sweet, slightly grainy coffee (and what an energy hit!) Hope you have a gorgeous weekend xx Lou xx

  5. Your blog is so lovely :) Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous day
    -Jess x

  6. happy birthday to you both! mine is in june too :) your curled up cat + knitting + chilling looks all so snug and cute. x

  7. Happy Birthday to you guys. I too am a winter baby. x

  8. Life is always hectic ... it's awful when it gets too much. Hope you're doing ok. Kellie xx


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