Friday, May 03, 2013

Cherish Those You Love

We love passionately in this home, & at times, this passionate love leads to heartbreak.
Our animals are our family - & yes, at times, our children. We cherish them, just as you cherish your own partner/children/parents/siblings. We dote on them, spoil them - they are the apple of our eye.
From the elder of the pack, to our two mischievous felines, right down to the little critter we adopted last Christmas. 

Tonight we will sleep, after a marathon evening last night. Just before midnight, we farewelled our sweet guinea pig, Oogi*. We don't know exactly why she passed, yet are hearts are soothed by the thought that she is no longer suffering from whatever took her from us so soon. 

We wont soon forget the squeaks & pops she would make or how she would 'vibrate' when we scratched her back. How she fit in the palm of our hands when we first brought her home.
We will no longer need to pick up an extra cucumber at the markets, nor will we have a willing devourer of all our vegetable scraps.
We'll cherish these memories. 

Cherish the moments you have with your loved ones. Cherish the memories you are creating together.

* pronounced 'ooo-ghee'.


  1. and that's why we are memory helps glue the heart back together just a little x


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