Tuesday, May 07, 2013


52 portraits//capturing memories and moments//in 2013 
Linking in with Jodi over at Che and Fidel.  

Sam: a visit to the RSPCA to mend our broken hearts resulted in hours of kitten cuddling - a little tender loving care goes a long way, for all involved.
Me: this is what my day off looks like - enjoying warm sunshine from a comfy couch, woolen socks & fresh pumpkin soup in my favourite mug
Tiger: tucked into bed with the covers upto her chin & tongue poking out. She melts my heart.
Appa & Quinn: tearing the house apart - they're akin to a tornado when they're playing together! (who needs kids when you've got pets like these?)

~ looking for more delightful portrait love? Grandfather & Grandbaby - Ingirds portrait of her sweet boy Roald & his grandpa is simply beautiful.


  1. I can't visit the RSPCA, I get all sad and depressed and want to take all of the animals home with me.

    1. It is depressing...I wish I could take them all home too! We visit every 2 months or so & walk the dogs & play with the cats. It's nice when we visit to hear of how many animals found homes - especially when it's the older or higher maintenance animals.
      We just love to spread the love!

      Sar xx


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