Friday, May 10, 2013

Seasonal Treasures

The days are noticeably cooler now. Frost, still lingers on the ground as I dress in my layers & gumboots, only beginning to melt as the sun rises over the rooftops. My breath is visible before me as I walk through the park & the crunch of leave underfoot is all I hear in this sleepy neighbourhood. I watch fruit-bats fly back to their roost - their silhouettes are mesmerising against the pastel sky. 

I arrive at the gardens - a garden for remembrance - I can't help but smile as I walk through the rose garden, locking eyes with an elderly woman with her dog, standing before a bush with a single yellow rose. Along the winding path, past lawns scattered with headstones & the prayer chapel, around a bend, to the rock shaped like Queensland. 
There, under the shade of a Jacaranda tree, I rest. 

After a few silent moments, I gather foliage & a few lingering blossoms dropped from nearby bushes to place beside her plaque. I produce a cup of water to wash away the dirt & droppings, until her name shines in gold. Then I sit, I pause - just long enough to feel a wave of emotion wash over me, not long enough for it to overcome me. 

As I walk home, I collect pieces of nature from this peaceful place. Pine cones freshly fallen, still holding tight to its few last seeds; ruby, crimson & ochre coloured leaves beginning to curl & fall; & the last lime green leaves of a geranium. 
As I arrive, I place them, thoughtfully throughout our abode - pine cones by the entryway, the leaves in a test tube hanging in the kitchen window & the geranium joins with hyacinth leaves on my night stand. Each in sight throughout my day.

Each day, I gaze upon these seasonal treasures.  Each day, I smile to myself in remembrance.

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