Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Autumnal Inspirations - The Closet

Well, May is here, & finally the cool weather has begun to sink in. The past week has seen frost on the grass & a thick blanket of fog as the sun rises upon the mountain, the days are still warm & sunny yet as dusk falls, a chilly breeze has set in & we are tucked up in bed with the animals keeping our toes toasty.

It's about now that my bright & sunshiny attitude begins to has skipped town (or perhaps continents) following wherever the warm weather goes. I am a lover of the warm weather. Summer & I get on like a house on fire. Golden days spent at the beach & balmy evening dining al fresco on homemade pizza & sangria. Summer calls for cotton sundresses & comfy sandals, shorts & breezy blouses - it's easy. It's my idea of perfection.
These days you can find me standing in our closet starring blankly at rows & shelves of clothes declaring, "I have nothing to wear!", to which Sam replies, "Yes, you do!" as she picks out something for me - often it's my only transeasonal outfit - a forest green, 3/4 sleeve, jersey-knit dress with opaque tights & a scarf. This has been my 'go-to' Autumn outfit for the past 3 years*, & as much as I love this dress, it's looking a little...tired.

//This is probably the choice moment to mention that I am not at all 'fashionable' or 'on-trend' - my closet consists of thrifted, department store, artisan & the occasional 'label' buy, I dress 80% comfort/10% whatever is clean/10% style, & I still own the sweatpants I wore after my first surgery...4 years ago.//

In an attempt to love this naturally beautiful season, I have pulled together an inspiring collection of gorgeous threads to coax me into appreciating & embracing this in-between season. A combo of colour & neutrals, in natural fibres & luxe materials, I could fit any of these lovely pieces into my currently drab & overly summery repertoire.

1//2//3 //4//5//6//7//8//9

In my books, the perfect transeasonal wardrobe includes classic styles, plenty of options for mixing it up & use beyond this season. My current closet is a monochrome base with pops of colour & texture from unique, eclectic pieces - so I've chosen pieces that could fit in with what I already own yet bring their own individual flare, & brighten up my closet over the coming months.

Layering is key in Autumnal-weather dressing, making this Sportscraft Rosaline Cable Knit sweater the perfect colour-blocking partner for the beautiful artisan handiwork of the Alegre Skirt from Little Tienda -which would get its fair share of wear (unintended rhyming, I swear!) as its style & fabric will see me right through to Spring & Summer - pair it all with a blouse, leggings & The Horse Rosey Boot & I'm ready for a day at the markets or coffee with Sam.

For the sake of my sanity, I'm injecting a little extra colour with these ASOS Peg Leg Pants
combined with OCRF Tab Detail Shirt in luxurious silk from Witchery - not only will I look lovely, I'll feel it too as 100% of the proceeds go to Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (check out this generous cause here). To top it off, I cannot resist including my favourite bag - the beautiful Bohemian Living Deep Red Leather Satchel (I already own one in Absinthe, so a second would be a bit special!)

Lastly, I couldn't resist a little splurge on this Contrast Insert Dress by Cue. It appeals to my love of black clothing, plus every lady deserves a gorgeous little black dress. 
Team it with this delicate Scout & Catalogue Aztec Storm scarf & a hand-knitted Slouchy Beanie by MacBeanie & you've got the perfect urban-meets-uptown outfit to cover you from a warm day in the Autumn sun to late afternoon drinks with the girls.

Now, to save my pennies to afford these beautiful threads! *sigh*

What do you wear during the transeasonal months? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! xx
* not constantly, though at times it feels like it!


  1. I am still wearing the same skirts and dresses I wore all summer, but pairing them with opaque tights, long sleeve tops instead of singlets and cardigans. I tend to were them same things all year (I have a very small limited wardrobe of clothes that now fit me) I am aware I need to sew myself more clothes. But the cash for fabric holds me back. If I get desperate I rad Tamika's wardrobe. Yes I steal clothes from my child.

    1. I would love to sew...but I've been banned from Sam's as I locked it up EVERY time! oh, well. I bought a couple new pairs of tights today, so my summer dresses will get a little more wear yet.

      Sar xx
      ps. I would totally steal clothes from me kids closet!


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