Monday, April 01, 2013

An Adult Egg-Hunt

Sunday morning, Sam & I rose early, dressed in a hurry, skipped our usual early-morn coffee, & made the short drive to my parents house. This was the first year Sam had been invited to breakfast with my family, & a long time since I had had a meal in my family home. There were nerves & excitement.

Shortly after we'd arrived, everyone was ushered into my fathers beautiful native garden, designed & nurtured over several years, for an Easter egg-hunt - imagine five adults* running around their parents garden searching for chocolate like they're still wee one's - followed by a delicious breakfast of buttery croissants, gourmet cheeses, hot cross buns, fresh coffee, mango nectar & numerous bottles of  (non-alcoholic) wine. Small gifts were exchanged, a prayer was said & as quickly as we'd come, it seemed time to go again.

Sunday morning was simple & meaningful - a family coming together to celebrate the resurrection of the Son.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend, in whatever way & for whatever reason.. I hope it was filled with laughter & love. 

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  1. I love this collection of Easter photos.
    I'm so glad I found your blog, I'll be joining in Em's Weekly Stills starting this week...
    xx Katrina

    1. Lovely to meet you, Katrina! Thank you for your kinds words.

      Sar xx


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