Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Okay, It's Only Me

Think of my nose as the comma. "Surprise, baby! I hijacked a post!" not "I'm surprising you with a baby!"

For a long time, Sarah has asked [Read: Bugged the living hell out of] me to write something on her blog. A post of sorts. I think it's supposed to be about me. Or at the very least, something from my perspective. So while she's at work today, I thought it would be the perfect time to hijack a post-space and write a little something.

It's actually a long something. I won't be offended if you leave right around the time I start talking about lesbian aliens.

My name is Sam. I grew up in a small town called Kilcoy that under appreciated anyone who was significantly different to the norm; you have to like sports, boys, under-age drinking, drugs and generally being talked down to for the sake of a short laugh. I didn't like any of these things; I liked theatre, singing, musicals, RPGs (eventually) and my American friends on the internet. I was also a pansexual, which admittedly I didn't really understand until I actually left the oppressive tiny town and went into the real world. Once I graduated, I moved to Melbourne for a few months. The culture shock really opened my eyes to how, well, shit Kilcoy was. What? There are people in the world who don't force sport down your throat like broccoli* to a toddler at the dinner table? Boys who like acting aren't (all) gay? Pansexuals aren't just fancy bisexuals - who aren't just super greedy and unable to leave their motel layover between Straightville and Gayvegas? Where the hell am I
*I actually love broccoli and I always have. Props to the little green vegetable-tree-thingy.

Culture shock. Cool. So I grew up a lot and moved back to Warwick with my family for a year or so. Parents got a divorce. Dad moved away to be with his new SO (Significant Other). Mum found a new SO. My oldest brother Chris found several SO's, my older brother Daniel found a wonderful SO, and I found my first character girlfriend in an RPG.

Um, this is the part about lesbian aliens. So if you're still reading, props to you. You're a pro! And maybe you find me interesting.

Sweet merciful love~ (x)
If the game taught me anything, hey, it was that it was okay to not be a permanent resident of Straightville. Monogendered pansexual aliens who look a lot like hot chicks'll do that to some people. Sarah quickly learned about this after we were together, and accepted for a long time that she was not above Liara on my list of things I adore / cherish / are hot for.

It's uhh... Different now. (Sorry Liara. I still love you... You're still hot. I mean what?)

Eye openingly fake SO's aside, I was forced persuaded by a friend of mine to study theatre at USQ. So I did. I mean, I always wanted to but I never really thought it was a viable option. Neither did my mum (sorry mum, but you totally didn't. I totally remember it. I still love you.) Anyway, I met Sarah in my first year of university because we were both studying the same course. I used to hate her. Part of me kind of wishes that was a joke, but it really isn't. I always knew there was something strange about her - like she wasn't the person she showed everyone else. And I didn't like that I felt like whenever I talked to her, I was being lied to. Turned out I was right, just not in the way I thought. Without going in-depth, Sez did a lot of growing in that first year and wooh~ I finally got an SO that was real and actually liked me for me...*
*Not because I'm phat like Cindy Crawford. No? Just me? (x)

I'm not as sad / lame / boring as this post makes me out to be. I promise. Um... Is this a bad time to bring up the fact that I'm an avid roleplayer online? And that I have been for about eight years? Right, I didn't think that was very compelling for my case... IT HELPS ME WITH MY CREATIVE WRITING! IT'S NOT AS LAME AS IT SOUNDS! Ugh.

I prefer not to end on; You thought video games were nerdy? I write paragraphs online about fake people interacting with other fake people. But it's true. I only struggle to find pride in it because it has such a stigma about it. People think RPers are weird. Oh wait... I am weird... And not in the; look at me ohmigod I'm sooooo weird!!!1!11! kind of way.

...Did I just make a hipster joke?

I need to leave.


P.S: I bet she'll come on later and edit the coding so it looks right.
P.P.S: I'm just proud I managed to talk about Mass Effect on a non-game related blog.
P.P.P.S: Baby, if you're reading this... I got rid of the heap of tabs you left on the computer. Um, they were annoying me. <3


  1. hi sam....what a relief you are not a hipster!! x

  2. fabulously nutty! Lovely to meet you :)

    xo em

  3. ha, i love that you "hated" sarah when you first met her :) you just never know who you're going to end up with. nice to, kind of, meet you :)


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