Monday, April 08, 2013

Only Time Will Tell

Oh, time. I am both lacking & swimming in it.

I find myself running behind, mostly due to poor time-management, yet at the same time I feel as if I'm living a life beyond my years.

Life is changing at the moment - a new job has welcomed a change in the way I use my time. Where I used to have multiple opportunities in a day to read & write, I now find myself grasping for a single opportunity to lose myself in your worlds & reminisce upon my own.

We live simply & quietly here, though our lives are chaotic.
I rise with the sun, slowly waking my body, in the calm of those early hours. I enjoy my morning coffee, slowly, take my time dressing & mentally preparing myself for the day ahead. I leave my home, & am instantly bombarded by an overwhelming feeling of haste in the world. The pressure to be on time, deliver on time, make time to do, & somehow magically create extra time is intense.
I often feel as though I am struggling to keep my head above water as I fight my way through this insanely demanding world.
I do not choose this chaos, in fact I try wholeheartedly to cultivate peace in our home & lives.

It is at home where I find myself thinking the most about time. The time I spend at home is treasured, as I spend much of my day either at work or sleeping. I am utterly exhausted by the time I knock off work, & am often found lazing on the couch or curled up in bed winding down from the days events. I know this is only a temporary situation & I am in the midst of researching my way out of this insane schedule - a way for Sam & I to work collaboratively & creatively.
For now, I will work long & hard to give my family everything they need - a roof over our heads, wholesome food in our bellies & an abundance of love in our hearts - it's the love that really motivates me to make the best use of my time.

When I'm not working or sleeping or enjoying life's simple pleasures, I am thinking toward the future. An abundance of time which awaits our presence. I often daydream of what our futures will bring us - a growing family, an comfortable lifestyle with plenty of laughter & joy - a beautiful existence, I hope.
I adore my youth, as it brings with it an expansive future. I cannot comprehend what time has in store, yet I am excited & curious for what awaits me - for what awaits all of us, really.
Life is an incredible adventure - one which I am both terrified of & eagerly anticipate!

This has taken many hours to write, over many days. Time which could have been spent cleaning or painting or baking, perhaps just enjoying a moment with my love. Yet I enjoy the time I have taken to weave these words & express my feelings. It is worth my while...

Just now, I have spilt a full glass of water on the floor beside me - shattered glass & pool of liquid need attending to. Just another task which requires my time, I guess. I could have spent the next 5 minutes exploring your world or tending to Appa's persistent itch.
This is just another one of those moments that reminds me to be thankful & live purposefully in the time I have. In the words of J.Mason; "As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time."

See those beautiful proteas up there - my exceptionally beautiful love took the time to buy them for me. She knows exactly which stall to get them from at the markets (believe me, there's a difference!) & the perfect spot to display them (right outside our bedroom door, so I can enjoy their beauty as I wake & fall asleep.)
She is the best.
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  1. Time is distorted, and our perception of time changes with age, but is also altered depending on our emotional state. The brain's perception of time involves processes linked to memory and attention, and because I have had baby brain for the last year or so time, for me, speeds past, then slow drips through.

    1. I love your thoughts, Julie. So very timely ;)

      Sar xx

  2. I have nominated you for a Liebster award, if you are interested the details are here.

  3. This is beautifully written, Sarah...
    Love and hugs,
    Ronnie xo

    1. Thank you, Ronnie.

      Love & hugs to you too, dear - we are praying for you & your sweet family for tomorrows grand adventure! Bless!

      Sar xx


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