Tuesday, January 01, 2013

For The Child Within...

Last night, like thousands others, we congregated on the side of a hill in singlets and sandals and watched in awe at the magical light display in Queens Park. Nestled alongside parents with their toddlers and elderly couples on lawn-chairs - every one of us with our eyes transfixed on the sky waiting for that first flash and bang. And then...

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We oohed and aahed, pointing at each new explosion of colour, and as the last sparkling light fizzled down the crowds cheered and applauded.

For twenty minutes, we were all children again...
and now for 30 seconds you can be a child again too!
How did you spend your New Years Eve?


  1. There's something magical about fireworks. Thank you for sharing! What a lovely blog you've pieced together :)
    Bella xx

    1. Thanks Bella - and I have enjoyed moseying around you space as well! x

  2. I love the fireworks, we watched them from our roof xxx


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