Monday, January 07, 2013


Linking in with Jodi over at Che and Fidel.

Sam: enjoying, what has become her usual, late afternoon nap
Me: bleary-eyed, after an early start, watching the sun rise
Tiger: sun-baking on freshly mown grass
Appa: her usual spot for lazing the day away - she is the quintessential 'sleep all day, play all night' cat
Quinn: giving her cheekiest grin, whilst protecting her loot (a collection my favourite Pandora rings...)

These images capture our week perfectly - r e s t - after all the celebration of the 'silly season' (and perhaps too many festive drinks on NYE) the past 7 days have been spent rising late, lazily pottering around the house and garden, napping in the afternoons and enjoying an evening coffee (just because we don't have to work in the morning!) Even the animals are on the same wave length; eating and sleeping is what it's about.

Really, it's been bliss.

Sam and I don't have any tiny humans of our own - to chase around or watch sleeping whilst snapping away happily *sigh* - but we do have each other, and our animals. So, this '52 project' will showcase us - Sam, Tiger, Appa, Quinn, and perhaps at times, me... (just to satisfy my self-indulgent side)

It will be a joy to document the coming year in images, joining with numerous others, to capture memories and moments, of those we love.

Are you joining with Jodi in 'the 52 project' ?

Edit : I have added an image of myself in this post, as I plan to have this series printed at the culmination of this years project. I wasn't happy with this portrait last week, but I want to keep the integrity of this project. So there I am.


  1. this is a great project hey! i'm glad you'll do some pics of's nice way to reflect too x

    1. I am very excited to be involved in this project, and deeply inspired by Jodi. It's going to be great to discover new bloggers each week, and revel in the community that has been created.

      And I will include a image of me each week from now on - Sam was a little disappointed that I hadn't included one of myself in this post... I guess I will have to relinquish the role of photographer to her every now and again ;)


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