Thursday, December 27, 2012

An Aussie Christmas

up at dawn
blearing eyed, coffee brewing
last minute wrapping and strategic car packing
three hours of country driving
Christmas-themed playlists laced with Lady Gaga and Beyonce
good morning's and merry christmas's
 pancakes, bacon and eggs, and orange juice
gift exchanges, tight hugs and warm farewells
an hour west family reunited, whilst others meet for the first time
hot cooked lunch on an equally blistering day
all the fixings - and plenty of desserts
cherries, papers crowns and beer
catching up, reminiscing, and pulling out the photo albums
and as the sun hits the horizon
piling into the car, leftovers in hand
home bound
...I know this has been a bloody beautiful Christmas!


  1. beautiful images! we will share our Christmas soon, as soon as we have a proper internet connection.
    Aussie Christmas is amazing, I loved my first one.

    1. Thanks, Liv. So glad you enjoyed your first Aussie Christmas...It looks like you had an amazing day!
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you & Dave.

      Sar xx

      ps. I hear ya on the internet - I've been struggling with wifi this month *sigh*


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