Tuesday, July 03, 2012

To Market, To Market

So as I said in my last post, Sam and I went to the farmers market last Sunday and we've spent the week enjoying fresh strawberries and home-made caramel slice ever since. There's something relaxing and rejuvenating about waking early to enjoy breakfast at a local cafe followed by strolling hand-in-hand through the lane ways picking out the perfect punnet of berries or tasting 'sweet n salty' popcorn from vendors, all whilst listening to buskers and enjoying the early morning sunshine. Although I don't usually enjoy the chilly mornings up here on the mountain, I found the crisp breeze refreshing and found new appreciation for the dappled sunlight peeking through the trees and between tents which warmed our cold noses and hands.
I love these small, and somewhat ordinary moments spent with Sam. 
It's becoming increasingly harder to find time to devote completely to each other; between study and work and social events we're often exhausted at the end of the day. Even though it's just Sam and I (and the animals) at home, we often get so set in our everyday activities that we forget to savor the little moments spent together. 
I know I often think that we should be traveling more or going out to dinner more or spending more money on things in order to make our life together more memorable, but I'm slowly discovering that it's the little everyday moments spent together that I remember the most. 

Our little Sunday trip has stuck in my head for more than a week now, and I know it'll be a fond memory for a long time to come - no matter how mundane it may seem. 

* Photos by Sam and myself.


  1. What a wonderful farmers market - I wish we had something similar here - and gorgeous images....I love the zing of the first one.

    Nina x

    1. Lovely to meet you Nina! Thanks for dropping by :)

      The Gerbera's they sell here are beautiful! Even in winter they have the most wonderful colours!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I just posted about going to the farmer's market and how wonderful it was - it's just so relaxing. sadly i'm working this sunday :(

    1. Hi Gaby!
      Markets are wonderful, hey!? I was just reading your market post the other day! and admiring your lovely bike :) I wish we lived close enough that we could ride or walk to ours.
      I really want to take our dog as soon as the weather warms up again; Toowoomba mornings are way to frosty for her at the moment.


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