Friday, July 06, 2012

Date Night

Tonight we braved the cold and headed out for an impromptu date night! We enjoyed steaming hot bowls of miso soup, vegetable tempura, unagi nigiri (eel) and my fave, inarizushi (sweet tofu and rice parcels) all washed down with Japanese Lemonade at our local sushi train Hana Japanese Sushi Restaurant. We dropped into our favourite* cafe Firefly for a delicious coffee; their cappuccino's have real chocolate shavings on top! Delicious! Needless to say we were two very full ladies! We then headed home to our cosy bed filled with sleepy animals (I found Tiger napping on my pillow and the cats snuggled together under the blankets *rolls eyes*). A wonderful evening with a wonderful friend!

P.S. If you're ever up 'the mountain' dropping by either of these little gems will be well worth it, and maybe we'll bump into each other!

*Okay, so I work at Firefly, but it was our favourite cafe before it became my workplace. It has some of the best coffee I have ever experienced - I'd even compare it to the coffee's I have had in Melbourne! So I may be a little biased but I don't lie about great coffee!


  1. yummmm... looks delicious! new reader, thanks for stopping by my blog. enjoying checking your space out as well!

  2. I love sushi trains, this looks delicious!


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