Sunday, June 17, 2012

Procrastination Nation Population: Me.

Why is it that as soon as end of semester exams roll around I can find a-hundred-and-one things to distract me from study? I'm always suddenly hungry, for anything that's not in the cupboard,  I seem to find house cleaning  imperative, even working out is tempting!
This weekend's procrastinating ended in Sam and I travelling across town to buy not one, not two, but 9 new sprouts for our kitchen windowsill. I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon and a couple hours this morning painting terracotta pots and planting herbs. We bought a little punnet of the basic Italian herbs - thyme, parsley, chives and oregano and some mint. Sam picked out some tea herbs - lemon balm, pineapple sage, chamomile, peppermint - all of which smell amazing! I also picked up some pet grass (which looks much like the un-mown grass in our yard) and Quinn has already made herself at home munching away at it. 

* I'm feeling peckish all of sudden, and I think pancakes with chocolate sauce & fresh strawberries is the only thing to fix it. 


  1. When i was a student i used to always convince myself that sleep was just as beneficial as studying. . . and that was in the days when i was getting more than enough shut eye.

    now you've got me thinking pancakes too!


    1. I can related 100% with the sleeping, Rachel!

  2. Hi lady blogger,

    I am posting this comment from my phone as matt and I barrel down I-5 toward Sea-Tac... Having missed our flight this morning.... Ugh!

    I just read the comment you left on my dream post though and I wanted to tell you that your friend's reading makes TOTAL sense to me right now. Thank you do much for sharing that!

    When I get home next week and have access to a real computer, I will be coming back to read a bit more about you. Thanks for finding me :)


    1. That's wonderful Ayla!

      I have found reading your blog incredibly enjoyable and inspiring, and can't wait to see where your new, exciting ventures take you!

      I hope you and matt have made it safely to your destination, and have a wonderful weekend :)

      Sar x


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