Friday, June 15, 2012

Winter Nights

Every year I say it; "I swear it's colder this winter than last!", and although it may not be true, I believe it with all my being. Ask my friends, and they will tell you without a doubt, I am not a fan of winter. 

I am grumpy and mopey, I spend the days frump-ily rugging up track pants and jumpers, my skin begins to resemble that of the one-ply toilet tissue you find in school restrooms - in both colour and texture - and I struggle to step out onto the freezing tiles that cover almost every floor of our little abode each morning to make coffee, before climbing back into the warm bed. I often feel that the only reason I put up with this time of year is because I get to share in sooo many birthdays with friends and family, Sam's and mine included. Winter is dreary to me, and I dread it's coming each year. 

 But recently I've felt different. 

There's something about the crisp, quiet evenings of late that has begun to twist my feelings of this season. I have found the strangest peace and reflection during the coolest of night hours, snuggled up in bed with the electric blanket on, surrounded by the dog and cats. Much of the time I am scouring the web for new inspiring blogs or browsing images from my favourite photogrpahers or just procrastinating from study. I will often make it to 2am before I succumb to drooping eyelids, but in those hours I can find the magic of this chilly season. The stillness of the world around me is comforting and relaxes my racing mind. Although I dread the coming dawn and its deceiving light hours, I now know I have something to look forward at the end of it all.

 ~ We often find these two hidden in the warm nooks of the closet, snuggled amongst the jumbles of clothes.

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