Wednesday, March 05, 2014

laying bare // a reminder

"sometimes you can't see yourself clearly, until you see yourself through the eyes of others" 
- Ellen DeGenerous 

I have received several rather honest, heartfelt and deeply humbling emails lately. 
Their authors, from across land and sea, took precious time to write of their own life. They shared their highs and lows with me, and somewhere in each of their sentiments they had very kind (and very humbling) words to share about me. I guess I never realized my words, my images and my 'story' had an impact on others. 

Honestly, much of sharing my life online comes from a pretty self-satisfying (read: mildly narcissistic) place. I enjoy the creativity, the community and the never-ending inspiration. I guess I never really imagined that what I shared could actually be that inspiration for others. 
Simply put, I now see myself in a new light. Rather than taking, taking, taking from this community, I hope to give a little hope and happiness back. No matter your circumstances, your lifestyle - your past present or future - your story and your words mean so much to me. 

I captured this image of myself last night; after work, just before I jumped in the shower. Covered in coffee grounds and sweat, with smeared makeup and a nice new pimple forming on my cheek. I am reminded that external beauty isn't what's most important in my life, nor is it what those people recognised in their words to me. This image is a reminder to myself to continue to lay it all bare. 

A beautiful mind and soul will always be more desirable than external beauty alone.

This image and my words were originally posted via my instagram account - I want to share it here also, as this is were it all originated. You, my readers, the beautiful souls that come here, to share in life with me, are the reason for this revelation. Thank you for your blessed words and sincere companionship. It truly means the world. xx 

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