Monday, December 23, 2013

the magic is in you

Last night we brewed a batch of the best hot chocolate, grabbed a couple candy canes off the tree and headed into the city to the local Christmas light display at the Botanic Gardens.

Amongst the towering trees and beautifully maintained gardens is a wonderland of thousands of twinkling lights. We meandered along paths lit with scenes of the first Christmas, beneath tree branches laden with pastel coloured bulbs and at the centre of it all, a giant globe of the earth surrounded by stalls selling glow sticks and balloon animals, an ice-cream van, sausage sizzle and carollers singing all the best holiday songs.

Families picnicked on grassy knolls and children sat mesmerised by miniature model trains riding the tracks of a North Pole scene. We strolled along, taking in the synchronised music and light display, a giant neon rainbow, the trio of sailboats bobbing in the pond, and messages of Peace, Love and Joy spelt out in glowing ropes of red, green and gold. When the crowds became too much, we packed ourselves up ready to head home.

As we walked along the city paths, we overheard a conversation between a couple and their daughter.  This little girl sang Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to her hearts content. Sam and I couldn't help but smile at the scene before us. Skipping along the path, her mama and papas hands in each of her own, completely filled with youthful joy. Her parents were beaming at each other and playfully hushing when her rendition of Jingle Bells began echoing through the Eucalyptus lined streets.
It was just before we parted ways that the girl sang out, "I just can't help it, I'm soooo happy!".
And that's exactly what this season it about. The joy. The magic.
Thousands of people, our community, came together for a common belief - in the magic of Christmas.

Although I find this season overwhelming and have already (unfortunately) uttered my desire for it to all be over (seriously, I had a coffee tossed at me during what I can only describe as the break down of a woman crazed by the materialistic intensity of the holidays!) I couldn't help but be reminded of the beauty of this season, by a child nonetheless. Her innocent and honest view of Christmas has renewed the magic of my own Christmas experience.

On this, the eve of Christmas eve, I wish you an abundance of love and joy in the coming days. May you be filled with Christmas spirit and find that childlike magic within yourself too!
Sar xx


  1. when do we lose that childhood glow and become horrid coffee tossers?

    1. I fear mine is long gone...though you know I love my coffee (and being a tosser, perhaps?) ;) xx


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