Sunday, August 04, 2013

"...with her love for the markets."

I'm not a snoop, I promise.
Her Facebook chat was already open. I promise.
But this is what I discover:

And it's true. I do love the farmers market. Rain or shine, we're there.

Sunday morning, as the sunlight begins to creep into our dark bedroom, I wake Sam with as much enthusiasm as a child on Christmas morning. I rise, brew coffee for our journey, wake Sam again*, get dressed, prepare our totes & bags, make sure Sam is definitely awake & dressed, & then we're off!

In Spring & Summer, the mornings are warm & bright, the lanes are alive with buskers, & we're on the look out for fresh berries & ripe mangoes. The cooler months are all about the different varieties of pumpkin & squash. Dressed in our woolens & boots, we meander to-and-fro throughout the stalls, coffee in one hand, fresh baked treats in the other.

Sunday is a special day for me. It's familiar rhythm is comforting, yet each is different from the last. The market is just one element of a rejuvenating & reverent day, for me. The perfect beginning to my favourite day.

And so, I'm off to bed! Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are! xx

* Sam is not a morning person, so it takes a few goes to get her up & out of bed, especially in Winter. She must love me ;)


  1. you two are so cuuuuuute x
    Have fun at the Markets!!

    1. Haha thanks, Lisa!
      We had a lovely morning at the markets xx

  2. Ty is very similar on the waking up front. I love the markets too.

    1. Seriously, it probably my favourite thing to do! Can't wait for tomorrow ;) xx


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