Friday, May 24, 2013

An Evening With Julie Andrews*

*highly original heading, right? 

You know when you get that itch to get out of town? Be it for a vacay or a Sunday drive through the mountains - it just has to be scratched! 
Since Sam & I began dating, we usually spend a few weeks each year travelling; exploring a new city or relaxing on a sunny beach or catching up with far flung friends. Whatever it is, it scratches that itch pretty damn good - enough to leave us feeling inspired, motivated & fulfilled for the other 350 days of the year. 
Unfortunately, last year was a crazily expensive time (car troubles plus animal illness plus every white good & appliance dying = not much left in the kitty!) so we abandoned all plans for a visit to Sydneytown, & ever since, I have had an insatiable itch. The kind I was convinced could only be satisfied with a romantic Parisian holiday or an adventure in Japan. 
Turns out all I we needed was a night away in a tiny apartment overlooking the Brisbane River...& meeting Julie Andrews, well that's the cherry on top!

It all began a couple of months ago, when Sam discovered her most beloved childhood actress was traveling to our shores & for one night would be in a Brisbane theatre to share her life story with thousands of her adoring fans. She hinted at the wonder of this occasion & for once, I clued on without any further prompting.
Phone calls were made, credit cards charged & plan put into action. I kept my lips sealed (believe me, this is difficult with such an exciting event!) knowing that I had succeeded in what may be the greatest birthday gift ever*! 
I had almost forgotten about it all, when I received the call from an insanely excited wife that an unexpected package had landed on our door step - of course, addressed to her. The cat was out of the bag! We excitedly booked our apartment, made plans for a furbaby-sitter & daydreamed of our weekend away. 
Before we knew it, the day was upon us - we packed an overnight case, jumped in the car & sang our way down the mountainside to the bright & bustling city.  

The next 24 hours were a whirlwind of activities - moments of relaxation mixed with an intense intake of atmosphere & culture of the beautiful city. We took a late afternoon walk through Queen Street, marvelled at the vast view from our apartment, enjoyed breakfast in bed as the sun rose then a brunch of Max Brenner before walking along the winding river back to our diggs. Oh, & you know, revelled in An Evening With Julie Andrews!
*I am not sure how to top this one...& I fear it's a steady downward spiral from here!

Last, but certainly not least... Whilst I was sitting in the 'nose-bleeds', Sam was spoilt* to VIP seats, delicious treats, & a one-on-one meeting with the divine Julie Andrews...
*Big thanks to our family who made this very special Birthday treat possible!! You are incredible! xx


  1. You're a fantastic wife, what a great family you ladies have to help you pull that off!

    1. They are pretty awesome! It's definitely an experience she will never forget.

      Sar xx

  2. ahh see...dreams do come true! x

  3. Next time you should stay longer, oh and come to Brisbane with cinnamon rolls!

    1. This is my very intention - I'll be on your door step with fresh scrolls for sure! Xx

  4. Awesome! I'm a big fan of hers!! :)

  5. What a cool experience! She is one of the best ever!! Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering


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