Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Week That Was...19//5//13

1. Communal dining at Artisan
2. like a child...
3. the days are getting chillier, so we treated ourselves to beautiful new bed linen with the hope that it would make those cold wintery mornings a little more...well, beautiful
4. bright blue skies & fresh country air
5. roadtrippin' & singin' loud to Spice Girl's (don't judge do it too!)
6. plenty of kitten cuddles at the RSPCA - unfortunately this is also how our Appa has caught the flu
7. morning light on crisp linen sheets during our luxurious weekend away
8. I treated Sam to a pampering afternoon at the salon - massage, wash, cut & blowout (because she couldn't possibly meet Julie Andrews with split ends!)
9. this is what my evenings look like at the moment - Sam asleep next to me, as I catch up on reading your lovely blogs! I'm sorry I've been so absent lately - seriously, life is busy right now & I'm missing you all so much!
PS. if anyone has a few extra hours to spare I'd be happy to take them of your hands!

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  1. Got to love communal dining. We met so many people (and scored free drinks!) traveling around Europe and eating this way ;)

    1. I'll keep this in mind next time we're travelling! ;) xx

  2. What a pretty café/restaurant.
    Looks like an amazing week you've had.

  3. oh my how was Julie??...weekends away...hairdos! I`ll swap you lives for a couple of days! x


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