Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Week That Was...3/3/13 (plus a bitch & moan)

1. early morning coffee times. ps. we totally recommend this coffee machine for those days when you want a great coffee but are feeling a little too lazy to grind your own beans (or you even want something better than instant) - we've been having a few of those morning lately. & it's a very reasonable price!
2. delicious buckwheat pancakes with cinnamon apples , fresh lemon, maple syrup & greek yoghurt - head over to Bella's blog for the recipe.
3. the last (visible) sunset of Summer - it's been raining up on the mountain since Tuesday. I miss blue sky & sorbet-hued sunsets!
4. a little peek at my clothes rack from the commercial shoot! Oh so many beautiful garments...just no money to buy them...yet ;)
5. fresh from the oven, Garlic & chives focaccia for mama's birthday.
6. our garden is water-logged...bad.
7. we planted chilli seeds this week - fingers crossed we'll see the first sprouts in the next 10-18 days!
8&9. it's finally chilly enough to justify dressing Tig in this adorable hoodie.

10. the best buddies to have when you're feeling as bloody bad as I do right now.

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WOW! What a week! It has been a roller-coaster ride, & not surprisingly I am sick as a dog at the end of it.  
Monday, was my mama's birthday, which I spent baking focaccia & a greek yoghurt, cinnamon & apple loaf (recipe to come!) to gift to her; 
Tuesday, I signed a contract for a new job, which should be exciting, right? Yet I'm feeling pretty under-whelmed about it all, & am thinking I'll keep looking for something that feels' right'. I'm picky when it comes to employment & I know I'm not going to be happy in this position for a long period of time, but right now we just need the money, as we're chewing through our savings . It's not fun when you can't even afford milk or toilet paper...;
Wednesday, I modelled/acted in the shooting of a commercial for a local shopping mall*. Nothing huge really, but it was a lot of fun & nice to be 'performing' again, working alongside my favourite stylist/friends & wearing some amazing ensembles;
Thursday, it rained! Not just rain, but bucketing down rain with frosty, howling winds. I hate this kind of weather & it's put me in a horrible heinous mood ever since.
Friday...I can't even remember Friday. I was obviously deep within the aforementioned 'heinous mood'.
Saturday, a super lazy day, filled with reading your blogs & drinking chai. I was secretly wishing the hours away, as Sunday is my favourite day of the week & I was excited for our usual trip to the farmers market & coffee date afterwards. I had a siesta to try and rid myself of a throbbing headache, instead I awoke with a still throbbing head & scratchy throat. Either Autumn is making herself known, or my beloved Summer is punishing me for cheating.

We are now at the ass-end of Sunday and I feel like crap.
Let me just give you with a visual: there's used tissues littered across my nightstand, overflowing from my bin and scattered across the floor...and I don't care. So gross.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. If you made it this far, I applaud you. It helps to get it out here (as I'm sure Sam is sick of listening to my moaning). Here's to hoping tomorrow is better! Good night friends! x

* If you are travelling to Toowoomba for the 'Easterfest' music festival over Easter weekend you will see my ugly mug up on the mainstage screens. *insert nervous laugh here*


  1. oh no!!! you poor thing virtual hug coming your way, which from my perspective is the best type as i'm not getting anywhere near those used kleenex! your pets seem super pleased your feeling shitty though! if it's any consolation your week sounded fabulous compared to my super stressed mummy, give my dog away, wall fall down shite that was the last 7 days here ...i dyed my hair the other day to cheer myself up and have made myself look like postman pat's granny!!!! xxxxxhugs xxxxxx

    1. Sending light & love your way, Jane!

      Sar xx

  2. ooh, hope you feel better soon. rest up x

  3. Perfect cat snuggling weather.
    I'm tempted to get one of these coffee machines for the other halfs upcoming birthday. there was one at work and it made pretty good coffee.

    1. We were looking at purchasing one of the Nespresso machines, but my parents gifted us the above one for Christmas so we were pretty happy!
      As a barista I often feel a little guilty for not being bothered with using the espresso machine, but the express machines still make a really good quality shot.

      Sar xx

  4. lovely pictures! it's about time i look for a new coffee/espresso machine as well, i just get so overwhelmed when i start looking at all of the different choices out there! your bread looks delicious and has me wanting to bake fresh bread now!

  5. I may have already told you this but we have a coffee wanker who lives here (ahem not I!) we must grind beans...we MUST I tell you!!!....hope your feeling better honey!....looking at your delish food sure makes me feel better. yes the rain sucks big time....week 3 and still pouring here....but I don't want to talk about !!!! x

    1. Sam calls me a coffee wanker too! Haha! I guess it was either I make coffee every morning for the rest of my days or we have a shiny machine for her to play with ;)

      Slowly getting better. No more runny nose - thank god! just scratchy throat and sore eyes. I'm hoping to be better by the end of the week, as I've just been offered another modelling gig for the weekend! GAH!

      Yes, I'm sooo over rain. Let's not talk about it.

      Sar xx


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