Friday, March 01, 2013

On My Playlist : round two

As we welcome a new season, I thought it the perfect time to share with you some of the music we are loving in our home right now. Bright, warm days filled with trips to the beach and boozy, alfresco evenings are being swapped for light layers, hot cocoa and simple melodies.

~ I never thought I'd say this, but I am an official Bruno Mars convert (I wasn't particularly thrilled by his previous work - not that it was bad, I just wasn't captivated by know, monkey suits and all that). Our home is constantly filled with the sweet sounds of his newest album, Unorthodox Jukebox , especially as Sam has taken to covering several of his songs for various gigs and music events.
I think it all began with the month of February, and the lure of all things 'love', when I heard Sam and her muso friends practising Locked out of Heaven for an upcoming gig, then came The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 where he serenaded the crowd with Young Girls , and my favourite so far, When I Was Your Man.  What can I say, with a captivating mix of 'big band' music and 'can't-get-it-out-f-my-head' lyrics, I have fallen hard for this man.

~ I first saw/heard Beneath Your Beautiful when I was cleaning the house early Monday morning, in preparation for our property viewing; with Channel V playing in the background, the clip came on and I was hooked.
I know I'm behind the ball on this one, as it was released late last year, but there's no denying it is a lovely song filled with beautiful melodies, meaningful lyrics, and the stunning vocals of Labrinth and Emeli Sandé .

~ I know you have probably heard it a million times already, and perhaps I'm showing my true (rainbow) colours but Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert is at the top of my playlist at the moment...well it has been all year really, but I guess I'm feeling particularly gay/same-love/all-love/lovey-love-love at the moment.
All I can say is this song and clip is a work of art, and it's wonderful to listen to an artist/song that isn't filled with sex, drugs and the many other obscenities that feature so much in society. Check it out!

What songs are you listening to at the moment? 


Welcome to Autumn to all those here, Down Under and Happy 1st Day of Spring for all my Northern Hemisphere friends! Have a wonderful weekend! 

Sar xx


  1. beneath your beautiful and same love have been blasting around here....I must check out Bruno...give him a second chance and all that...ive been playing a lot of early bruce springsteen...what??...I have no clue why either!!.....hey I just give the ears what the want!....raining where you are??.xx

    1. Oh, we too have moments of Springsteen here too. Those ears do know what they want, right! & I definitely recommend giving Unorthodox Jukebox a listen - some pretty catchy tunes.

      It's raining, foggy & blasting a chilly wind up on the mountain. I've just awoken from my siesta with a brilliant new cold...Welcome to Autumn, I guess!
      How is it your way??

      Sar xx

    2. pretty nasty here...we were to celebrate niccys b1day tonight at her folks place but had to make a hasty retreat as the creeks on their property are rising to bring cake home for later so crisis averted!....hope you feel better in the morning x

    3. Happy Birthday to Niccy!! At least there's cake! I hope her parents are safe & well.
      We just found out tonight that Laidley (just down the mountain from us) has been evacuated again as the creeks there are rising.
      Oh this crazy weathered land we live in! x


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