Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Week That Was...24//2//13

1. hot from the oven, homemade apple crumble and custard.
2. Tiger tied Sam up during our morning took us a while to untangle, and I'm sure our neighbours enjoyed the spectacle.
3. Peek-a-boo!
4 & 5. we baked Em's delicious Key Lime Pie (with a little lemon for some extra citrus kick!) While it was cooling on the bench, a little ginger monster decided it was her treat.
In the end, the kitten-bits were trimmed away, and we were insanely happy...Em, this recipe is the shit!
6. Slowly, slowly. I've been teaching myself to knit over the past couple of months, and although still trying to master tension and purl (is it just me that finds this difficult?!) I'm enjoying every moment of it. Creating something special for another is my favourite pasttime.
7. Sam & our dear friend Ayden entertaining the crowds at a little bar in the city - listening to her sing may just be the most wonderful experience of my life.
8. There's so many things wrong with this image: #1 Quinn snuck outside, and was playing in the courtyard unattended for God knows how long! #2 Quinn is in the pot plants! #3 Quinn is eating the lemongrass...which has taken sooo unbelievably long to grow to this point! #4 I'm standing around taking photos when I should be disciplining her!
9. Today we made citrus-syrup for flavoured soda waters (recipe to come!) - Sam & Quinn thought it funny to photobomb my shoot...they are super cute!

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ps. have you entered this delightful giveaway over at Em's place - Go on, get to it! Giveaway closes tomorrow


  1. I love homemade apple crumble and custard. It's so warm and delicious- The perfect Autumn treat! What wonderful pictures Sar:)
    Bella xx

    1. I'm eating it again now! Perfect for this wet weather!

      Thanks for stopping by, Bella :)

      Sar xx

  2. Flavoured soda water sounds just lovely.... could do with a glass right now myself!
    Ronnie xo

    1. I'll have a glass for you, Ronnie! ;) Have a lovely week!

      Sar xx


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