Thursday, December 06, 2012

Byron Bound

I must admit that Summer is my favourite of all the seasons (Winter being the least). I find so much joy in it's warmth and brightness - days filled with icy cold drinks, sun dresses and top knots, afternoon siestas, swimming, road-trips, juicy stone fruits and of course, the Holidays.

Yesterday, was one of those Summer days.

We packed up the car, plugged in some sweet tunes and set the GPS South, to Ballina. The next 5 hours* were spent laughing, singing, waving at passers-by, and eating 'roast chicken and KFC-chip' sandwiches. In true Queenslander-style we chatted about the time difference** as we crossed the QLD-NSW border, and sighed relief that we would soon glimpse that vast and shimmering blue ocean.

As 6pm (or 5pm est) neared, the sun still high, the car was parked, and we dove into the cool, crashing waves. For an hour we delighted in the warm sun on our backs and sand between our toes. We explored rock pools and watched children chase gulls across the sandbar. As as the sun began to kiss the cliff tops, we piled back into the car, salty skin and dripping curls, bound for home.

These are my favourite Summer days - adventurous and candid - celebrating this beautiful season.


How do you spend your Summer days?

Photograph #2 by Ayden Roberts
* For some ungodly reason we took the longest possible route to the North Coast - through Stanthorpe, Tenterfield and Lismore...yet had we not gone the 'back way' we would not have driven over the highest, narrowest, rickety-est bridge or seen the most gorgeous rolling countryside with foals and lambs galore. (The trip home was much faster, along the coast and up the Mountain.)
** Why, oh why is Queensland still so behind? (or ahead...?) - this topic spurred on much conversation, and dad-jokes about 'time' and the such.

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