Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Inspired: to change

I love when I am inspired. Inspired to create/explore/tell/imagine/learn & much more! 
Today I was inspired, by this lovely lady, and her post on the 'morning routine'. 

Now that I'm back at uni (and can't sleep in until midday) I'm craving some sort of routine in my everyday life. My mornings are usually a mixture of lazily watching the news and checking emails, and then rushing to get dressed and packed before running out the door to get on with the day. No breakfast, no stretching, no meditation...and I hate it being this way. 

Time for a change!

I'd much rather enjoy the morning, and prepare myself for the day ahead. My hope is that by creating a routine I'll become more productive in my daily activities, and begin to create a healthier way of living for myself, and Sam...and our animals. 

At the moment my current day is*:
7.30     wake up, turn on tv, watch some morning news
8.30     feed the animals, followed by turning on laptop, checking emails/blogs/social networks
9.00     get dressed, let Tig out in the yard, run out the door to uni/work/errands
12.00   lunch (usually at a cafe or take out), followed by more uni/work/errands
16.00   come home, relax in front of tv whilst checking emails/blogs/social networks
18.00   feed the animals, followed by Sam and I tossing up whether to cook or get take out (unfortunately, it's usually take out...healthy take out...if that counts)**
19.00   study intermingled with checking social networks
21.00   shower, put on comfy clothes, snuggle up in bed with Sam and watch our favourite show/s (the IQ and record function on the Foxtel has been worth every penny!)
I usually fall asleep anywhere between 9pm and midnight.
*with the exception of days that I work early, which means I'm up at 6am and home at 4pm...so everything else gets crammed in later!
**house work is usually left until about now, depending on whether or not there's clean dishes for dinner, or how much of a mess the animals have made inside...sometime I refer to them as our children, considering I feel like I'm constantly picking up all their toys and cleaning up after them!

Can you see why this needs to change? I really have no stability in my current routine.
I'm hoping that if I begin my morning with a stable routine, then the rest of my day would be more productive. I'm thinking that the best way to make this change is to have a plan of when I want to wake and what I want to get done in the morning before I start my regular day. 
Writing it here and having people keep me accountable (and hopefully support me) is what will keep me on track. I'm not going to change my whole day, but if I can make these small changes, rather than just going through the motions, I'm sure my mind and body will thank me for it in the long run.

This is what I'm aiming for in the morning:
6.00     wake up, watch news (only the news update part and not the rest of the drivel that comes after it)
6.30     make fresh tea with our herbs 
7.00     head outside for some meditation/gardening/enjoying sunshine
8.30     feed the animals  
8.35     tidy up the house, let Tig out in the yard
9.00     get dressed, run out the door (let's be honest!) to uni/work/errands

Sam and I have also decided that we're going to walk Tig at dusk each day. It'll give us a chance to step away from the tv/laptop/phone for a half hour and spend time together, out in the fresh air, and Tig will get her exercise/be so exhausted afterwards that she'll sleep soundly during the night ;)

So, that's my goal for the next 21 days! (you know the saying; 'takes 21 days to create a habit'!)

I know I'll still check my phone for emails when I get up, and might struggle to stick to having a cup of tea for breakfast, but if I can begin to make a change to my lifestyle then I'll be happy. 

As my father once told me; 
Dad: "how do you eat an elephant?"
Me: "I don't know...how?"
Dad: "one bite at a time! *insert typical father-like belly-laugh here*
(sorry, I couldn't help it. I love dad jokes!)

~This is where I'm hoping to spend some of my mornings, soaking up the sunshine...as soon as it's warm again.

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  1. oh i'm so glad you're taking up the challenge :) for now i'm trying to keep my routine really simple so it'll actually happen, but soon i'd like to add in some yoga, meditating, journalling maybe. it's such a productive time of day!


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