Friday, January 25, 2013

The Paper Anniversary

With just four days between us and our first 'Commitment' anniversary, Sam and I have begun plans for this special date.

We are not very a traditional pairing, and rarely commit to traditions in our lives, however it seems the custom of giving paper is somewhat appropriate for this anniversary - in all honesty, paper is about all we can afford to gift each other right now.

 So, here are just a few beautiful, creative and thoughtful paper-themed artworks for our 'wish list':

♥ I have seen a few different map-art ideas floating around for a while now, but these Bespoke Map Heart Artworks by Bombus really do have my heart. I think a series of them - perhaps where we met/our favourite date or vacation destination/our wedding location would add some meaningful beauty to our home.

♥ This one is especially for Sam - her favourite flower, from her favourite book and film - The Wizard of Oz. The stunning Red Poppy - Archival art print by the insanely talented Rebekka Seale would make her day!

♥ The bright colour and simple typography of this Keepsake Art Print by RomanticaHome is perfectly fitting for this one year/twelve months/fifty-two weeks...well you get it, right?

♥ A special print with our favourite saying "I love you to the moon and back" would hang pride of place above our bed. The Yellow Button Studio has created this lovely I love you to the moon print - almost as if for us.

♥ I love hand cut paper artworks, and this Hand-Cut Paper Art Silhouette by DreamPapercut is no exception - delicate and whimsical. I love, love it!

Source: Missy Minzy via Sarah on Pinterest

♥ Last, but certainly not least, is this Archival Art Print by Missy Minzy at Down That Little Lane is all kinds of wonderful - with its gorgeous colours and fun phrase, it makes me smile every time I look at it!


Do you have any recommendations for first anniversary gifts? & what did you give or receive on your first anniversary?


  1. Those are all great, we bought tickets to a music festival for our first anniversary.

    1. That's a great gift, Lila!
      We were intending to buy a gift voucher for a couples massage together...but buying food trumps massages.

      Sar xx


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