Monday, November 11, 2013

being present // one

I am a dreamer.

Where some people knit/stitch/craft/grow/capture/create or just thumb-twiddle, I consider my best pastime to be in some far off place, my head in the clouds and my heart creating bonds with places I've never been and people I'm yet to meet.

Many of these dreams may be just that, dreams, yet I can't help conjuring up these grand adventures in my mind.  Sometimes I am confident I could achieve even my wildest dreamings, then there are the moments where I fear the comfort of everyday life will hold me in it's monotonous grasp.

My greatest struggle at this time is the feeling that my dreaming is getting in the way of my living.

It's not that I am unfulfilled, in fact I am quite the opposite. I believe it's due to my happiness that I continue to dream, to believe that my life, our life, can be much more than anticipated.

Perhaps one day I will be preparing delicious coffees in a bustling Parisian café // remarrying my love on a Canadian mountaintop // creating textiles and paper goods, sharing them across the seas // meeting beautiful blogging-friends for the first time, sharing in a cuppa and much laughter, and leaving as real-life friends // inspiring others through my words, sharing my story // producing independent theatre with passionate artists // raising our children in our dream home with a kitchen garden and roaming animals...oh, the list goes on and on!

Some dreams are coming into fruition, becoming a reality, whilst others are patiently waiting for their season. Some dreams are shared, others are my own. Some dreams require other dreams to blossom first, others are flying solo.

Yet they all have one thing in common:   
I must first live in the present, in order to create my future.


  1. The gunnas. It is what I call it, my list of things I am gunna do. Spend too much time wishing I had the courage to do

    1. Haha, 'the gunnas' is exactly right!
      Finding the courage the accomplish our desires is the hardest part, I believe. Although I'm the dreamer, Sam is the realist, helping me realistically see the possibilities of my dreams.

  2. Balance, so many things are about finding the balance, keep dreaming and doing!

    1. Sam definitely keeps me balanced, actually I think we keep each other balanced. She helps me turn my dreams into reality, whilst I help her realise that even the craziest of ideas can be achieved.

  3. One of the things that we figured out pretty quickly with agility. If mum isn't fully present it all goes horribly wrong. She needs to be so conscious of where her feet, shoulders, hands and eyeline is.... a bit of time we have together than means she focuses on the here and now in an otherwise busy world.

  4. Isn't it possible to have both? Or, perhaps make room in life for both dreams and the present? Just a thought...


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