Thursday, April 18, 2013

197 Days of Drabbles - a shameless plug

Remember last year when I spent 4 weeks on secondment with the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts as part of my degree (jog your memory here & here!)

Well, it is now Sam's turn - creating a project to span the entirety of her final year of university studies.
A creative, innovative & well, theoretical* project to culminate her studies & ulitise her skills - whilst interacting with a wider audience (You can even get invoved! YAY!)

I urge you, pop on over to197 Days of Drabbles, check out her project, plus...this is where you can help out, submit a prompt**- be it a word, sentence or more - to be creativly interpreted & published as a drabble or short story.
In October, Sam will be selecting her favourite written piece to be developed further, & performed as a live theatrical showpiece at the culmination of her third year studies! Amazing, right?! She's a talented one!

So, help a girl out! xx

*yaknow, because univerisity isn't all about getting up to mischief!
**it's easy-peesy - just sign in using your Facebook account, submit a prompt anonymously...& then forget about it!

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  1. So cool! Good on ya, Sam - I'm off to prompt now!


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