Tuesday, April 23, 2013


52 portraits//capturing memories and moments//in 2013
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Sam: ya'know, just pumpin' gas *insert swagger here*
Me: my new shorter & straighter hair - it's taking some getting used to but change is good!

Tiger: "whatcha doin'?" 

Appa: waiting for her mama to arrive
Quinn: perched atop the office chair, watching a cat outside the window
photograph #2 by Sam

~ looking for more delightful portrait love? Beautiful Bella
I adore this lovely lady - her blog Sea & Salt is a place filled with warmth, light & wholesome beauty. Though I only know her through the beauty of the interwebs, this portrait sums up exactly how I would describe her to you - glowing, inside & out. A tender & generous soul with so much to give. 
If you don't know Bella, head over to her place now - she'll welcome you with open arms, whip up a batch of her delicious green smoothies whilst you watch the sun set over the endless ocean right from her back door


  1. Our hair is about the same length now! It looks good on you.

    1. It is! Yay!
      Thank you for your sweet words - I've had a few moments of regret, but it's lovely to receive affirmations & compliments.

      Sar xx

  2. I have been thinking of doing the chop. Mine is past my waist, and I am bored with it. What made you go for a cahnge?

    1. I'd been feeling pretty bored too (I usually feel this way coming into the cooler months) So...Sam surprised me with the appointment at a salon - massage, treatment, cut & style! I felt so spoilt!

      Sar xx


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