Sunday, April 14, 2013


52 portraits//capturing memories and moments//in 2013   
Linking in with Jodi over at Che and Fidel.  

Sam: an unintentionally posed portrait - her beauty captured, nonetheless
Me: this is the way I stand 90% of the time - comfortable yet precarious
Tiger: "Tiger" on her threadbare 'Hello Kitty' collar

Appa: again, somewhere she shouldn't be...but she loves smelling the flowers (like here
Quinn: those eyes are captivating

photograph #2 by Sam

~ looking for more delightful portrait love? I've kept returning to last weeks portrait of Bo over at Inked in Colour. Both versions are stunning - Bo is a beauty & Sash captures her daughter perfectly!


  1. those are fab, i love the fact you include the pets x

    1. They are our (fur)babies afterall!

      Sar xx

  2. Quinn "look at me?! I am such a cute cat, just don't come anywhere near me with that bucket collar again".
    Appa "What do you mean I am not allowed up here? Phfted I am a cat, I can go anywhere.

  3. Love the picture of Quinn - those eyes truly are captivating x

    1. They are stunning, hey!
      Appa has bright green eyes, but she'll never sit long enough for me to photograph her.

      Sar xx


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