Saturday, March 23, 2013

Will You Switch Off For Good?

In 2007, I joined with my family to participate in the first Earth Hour.
Since then, more than 150 countries, & almost 7000 cities worldwide have joined in this event - a community passionate about our Earth, & maintaining her beauty for the future generations.

In 2013, we are invited to take a pledge - to turn off our power for good & switch to renewable energy. I have taken the pledge, & I urge you to too! No matter whether you own your home or rent, there are options for us all to be involved.
Personally, as we currently rent our home, we have pledged to switch to renewable energy sources in the future. I am elated!

Sam & I will be dining by candlelight this evening - a reminder of the commitment we have made to our Earth & our future.

Without her, we would be nothing.


So, will you switch for good? 


  1. What a cool idea! I can`t imagine making such a big commitment at this point, but of course I love the idea of using renewable energy. Perhaps I will have to look into turning towards renewable energy for our new apartment.

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    1. That's awesome,Jess! I believe every little bit helps - low energy lighting, turning off powerpoints/lights/appliances when not in use. You could contact your energy provider & change to 'green energy' or an equivelant, or even see if they offset their energy consumption - here it costs an extra couple dollars each month, but I can justify it when it comes to doing my bit for our planet.
      There's so many way for us all to be involved & every little bit helps!

      Sar xx

  2. We did not switch off, too hard with Jarvis. However, I already turn off lights when not in the room, turn off every power point at the wall when not in use, open windows instead of using fans, and put on more layers instead of using a heater. All little steps until we have our own place and can use renewable energy.

    1. It's great that you're already taking steps to lessen your footprint - I'm pretty pedantic about turning lights off when I'm not in the room, & I love opening windows or rugging up instead of using the AC - fresh air is good for you anyway!

      Great minds think alike, lady!

      Sar xx


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