Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Week That Was...9//12//12

1. our sandcastle at Ballina
2. cat-nap (I couldn't help the pun...)
3. a refreshing afternoon snack - I grilled it on the griddle pan and topped with mint leaves and a squeeze of lime - yum!!
4. just a reminder...I can hardly believe how fast it has crept up this year!
5. the old city hall Christmas tree
6. I can't go without my Sunday morning coffee; this week it was at the Firefly 
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  1. a little slice of your week looks divine...fresh pineapple (i've never tried grilling it, but will now!), a market, coffee, watching cats nap - oh bliss! thanks for stopping by too x

    1. Lovely to have you, and to visit yours too, Brenda :)
      I definitely recommend the pineapple; this was the first time I'd tried it grilled, and now I can't stop - tonight we're having it with homemade vanilla bean ice-cream.

      Sar x

  2. beautiful photos...especially love that first one. x

  3. Your pineapple recipe is a must try!!! x

  4. Such a lovely glimpse into your week. And I will certainly be trying the pineapple recipe. Mmm..thank you! Sunday morning coffee is a necessity!

  5. man, i am CRAVING pineapple like crazy. juts looking at that makes my mouth water.

    xoxoxo em

    1. Just looking back on this picture is making my mouth water - off to the markets in the morning to pick up another one!

      Sar xx


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