Sunday, December 02, 2012

Christmas Inspiration

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Happy Christmas Month, everyone!

I love December, and all that comes with it - warm Summer days (and nights!), road trips, family time, salty hair and sandy feet, delicious food, and Christmas! It really is the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it?!

This year we are doing away with the traditional*, instead decorating the house in fruity hues, native flowers, and embracing delicious fresh fruit, seafood and seasonal salads for Christmas breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

Bless Pinterest **, in all its inspirational glory - for it is here that I have found all the Aussie/non-traditional/colourful Christmas inspiration I could ever need. I have discovered many delightful recipes, chrissy-craft projects and stunning displays to create and adorn our humble home.

 Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am? Have you found any great Christmas inspiration?

* as much as possible - while we will still have a tree and shall munch merrily on peppermint candy canes, I am embracing our beautiful country and it's summery holiday weather; Aussie blooms, rainbow-hue decor, and icy pitchers full of minty mojitos and sparkling cranberry and lime juice.
** I may have been late to jump on the bandwagon, but I am thoroughly addicted!


  1. ha, i love pinterest but even pinterest can't help me make summer feel christmasy :)

    1. I understand, lady - I think a lot of my embrace for non-traditional is due to my longing for a white, snowy, sitting by the fire, drinking eggnog Christmas - a red, green and white Christmas feels out of place down here, doesn't it?
      Hoping you find some relief from this intense heat, and a little Chrissy cheer :)

      Sar xx


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