Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank God It's Friday

In a bid to be more present in my blogging I am dedicating a weekly post to Friday (and, in part, it's dear friends, Saturday and Sunday!) Part recap, part review, with a few recommendations thrown in for variety, TGIF will be an ode to the week that has been and the blessed weekend to come.
So, without further ado, I present to you...

This week has been very relaxed around these parts, perhaps too relaxed, as my body seems to think I have time to spare, 'blessing' me with a cold. Today has been spent in bed watching Modern Family reruns and eating leftover Chinese take out (it's always better the next day, don't you think?)

In this 'down time' I've been working on an upcoming project;

jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon for some Holiday decorating inspiration*;

checking out the arts scene around the country, and internationally - So, if you're in Brisbane, check out CIRCA ; a self-titled show by the Helpman Awarded, Australian contemporary circus comapany, Circa at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts ; it's closing tomorrow night (24/11/12) but this show is an extraordinary display of strength, beauty and pure talent, which I was privileged to preview during my secondment in October. I highly recommend checking them out if they're ever in your part of the word! They. are. AMAZING!
In Sydney, tonight, 10pm, a rad, up and coming band called Little Bighorn are playing at The Gladstone Feeling. They recently played at my little sisters wedding (more on that next week too!), and even have a cute, little, multicoloured xylophone in their tow!They play regularly around Sydney, so be sure to gather some friends for some sweet sounds.

We're having this for dinner, and whipping up a batch of Tahnee's favourite Christmas-inspired Chocolate Bark as a little (very) pre-Christmas/post-dinner treat!

Finally, a quick, 22nd Birthday shout-out to my dear friend, Ell! Cheers to you, lady!

Here's to a relaxed Friday night and a great weekend!
Sar x

*so addictive, right?!


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