Thursday, September 06, 2012

Star Struck

Today involved gushing like a girl in love and employing every good brain cell to refrain from asking for autographs*.

Today, I met Carol Burns.
You may be asking "who?" or (hopefully) feeling envious of me!
If you're an Aussie and watched T.V in the 70's/80's (or like myself, watch it on cable now) you may know of the great Aussie soap opera Prisoner (also known as :Cell Block H in the UK and USA, and Caged Women in Canada), if not, Google it , watch it on You Tube, or better even GO OUT AND RENT IT NOW! It is iconic! Many of Australia's most well known female actors (and a few males) have walked the corridors of Wentworth Prison; Maggie Kirkpatrick (currently performing throughout Oz in Wicked), Judith McGrath (also well known as Von in All Saints), and Colette Man (currently on Neighbours as Sheila Canning) to name just a few.**

So, back to Carol Burns. She is a founding member of the Queensland Theatre Company, played the iconic 'lesbian enforcer' Frankie Doyle in Prisoner, which won her a Logie for Best Lead Actress in a Series, has performed both on stage and in front of the camera in numerous award winning productions, has received several acting nominations and awards, and is currently here, on the Mountain, directing The Female of the Species (written by Joanna Murray-Smith) at the Empire Theatre. Now, in her 60's, she is still performing, regularly with the Queensland Theatre Company, directing, presents acting workshops, throughout Australia, and internationally. 
She is truly inspiring, and one of the most generous performers I have had the pleasure of meeting. 

Today, my day was made!

* Autographs might have pushed us into 'scary groupie' status, but we couldn't pass up a photo op! ;) 
** The series employed over 200 (207, to be exact) actors over its 8 seasons! Oh, to be an aspiring actress back then!

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I have another couple of 'star struck' posts in the works; including, sitting within spitting distance of Geoffrey Rush, and the incredibly queer performance artist 'Stelarc', so check back soon!

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