Saturday, March 02, 2013

So Is This How It's Going To Be, Autumn?

Well, Autumn has certainly made herself known here, upon the mountain.

With her she brought howling winds, thick fog and chilly rain, she prompted us to layer our cardigans with scarves, and throw an extra blanket on the bed. Pancakes with cinnamon-spiked apples and yogurt for breakfast, chai tea in steaming hot almond milk for lunch, and a pot of pumpkin soup for supper. The animals are revelling in our constant company, enjoying the warm interior and nothing on the agenda but sleep.

I promised myself I would give each season the welcome she deserved - lighting sweet beeswax candles and picking out my favourite 'seasonal' reads - my way of learning to love each for her unique ways.
Autumn has prompted fresh crusty loaves and baked sweets daily, an early dinner followed by an equally early retire. The closet has been rearranged to feature ankle boots and hooded coats, and the gumboots stand proudly by the door, awaiting our next adventure.

What I didn't expect for my appreciation was a throbbing head and scratchy throat, and I'm anticipating the runny nose is just round the corner. It's trying for me, a Summer-loving lass, to find joy in a season that has gifted me the dreaded lurgy.

So, as the sun sets on the second day of Autumn, I'm tucked up in bed with a hot cuppa and a good book, surrounded by my dear family.

Tomorrow is a new Autumn day, and I promise to give her all the appreciation I can muster - all I ask in return, is for a little more sunshine and a little less...well, snot.


  1. Autumn here is just not high 30's so it's mild, I'd rather a real autumn to be honest I like wearing boots and jackets.
    Sorry to hear you're feeling sick,we've all had it since last week and are over it! Hope you don't feel ill for long.

    1. I wouldn't mind a little warmth up up here or even a glimmer of sunshine and blue sky, though I am very happy to be wearing boots again!

      I'm glad you're all feeling well again - hopefully we will again soon.

      Sar xx

  2. Your post makes me wish for autumn, even though I'm absolutely sick of winter and ready for the snow here in Hungary. =) You're writing is wonderful! I hope your fall isn't too rainy, but it sounds like you will be enjoying it either way. Again, lovely writing!

    1. Lovely to meet you, Meryl! Thank you for all your sweet comments :)

      Sar xx


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