Friday, July 27, 2012


Long before Sam had met me, there was another girl in her life; Tiger. She is scrappy, playful and the most loving dog I have ever met (I may be a little biased). Tig, as she's often called, came to live with Sam more than 4 years ago. This little rescue pup was battered and bruised, both physically and mentally, from her previous owners, and needed a lot of TLC. Because of her bad treatment, she doesn't like being left outside for too long, especially if it's wet or dark, and has little accidents (number one's) when she's frightened or upset. She needed a carer that was loving, kind, affectionate, and most of all patient. Sam was the perfect companion for Tig, and vice versa.They care and love each other sooo much.
For a long time it was just Sam and Tiger, and when I moved in Tig was more than happy to share her best friend...and the bed. After the separation from my family, and I was upset, Tig was always there to cuddle with me. Her unconditional love helped heal my heart. She's the best dog for snuggling with and is guaranteed to greet you with the all the excitement of a puppy (although she's now 7...or nearly 50 in dog years!) every time you walk through that front door.
She is little rough around the edges and has more energy than we can keep up with...that's what makes this little terrier our favourite pup.

     Going for walks...even if it's just a quick one around the block
     Playing with the neighbours' dogs in our shared yard
     Bath time
     Eating, eating, eating, and more eating!
     Belly rubs
     Snuggling with the kittens
     Sleeping under the covers
     Licking your face when you least expect it!
     Rides in the car
     Digging holes in the yard after it's rained

     Cold weather
     Loud noises
     Kittens jumping on her while she's sleeping
     Being outside when its raining
     Not sleeping in/on the bed
     Being scolded
Also known as:
Tig, Tiggy, Wigg, Wiggins, Wiggle, Squiggle, Squiggley Boots

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